Monday, 20 May 2013

Ndabila - I Speak!

We at Alchemy Women in Leadership are very delighted to introduce to you, not one but two new additional platforms for our work; this blog and our radio show starting this week. Our hope is that this will increase our opportunities for sharing and interacting with you. We always love to hear from you.

The radio show is called Ndabila, which means “I speak”. The name has an interesting history which we will share in the next edition of our magazine. The essence of that history is the place the woman’s voice has been assigned in our society over the generations. How this voice was once dismissed as insignificant no matter how valuable the message it carried and how that has changed, to several extents, over the years. The woman’s voice has been on a long journey from obscurity to qualified recognition and on to authority, yet still this journey is far from over.    

It gives us much pride to say our radio show Ndabila is a woman’s voice in its rightful place of authority. It goes on air for the first time this Friday, May 24 at 18:30 on Radio Phoenix. On this show, different women who are leaders in their respective fields will draw on their varied expertise and experiences and share career, business and life strategies. The show will also feature issues that impact women in Zambia and other subjects of interest to the different panelists who will be featured weekly.

We will have a media launch of Ndabila on May 23 at Roma House with our various stakeholders and our Guest of Honour is the Swedish Ambassador Lena Nordstrom. There are a limited number of tickets for members and non-members that would like to attend. Please refer to our Facebook page  for more details.   

Do not forget to tune in to Radio Phoenix on Friday at 18:30 for Ndabila! We look forward to your continued support and feedback.